The Warehouses

"The Warehouses create new opportunities to combine residential and commercial units focusing on embracing a modern way of life and injecting activity and diversity into the city, from early in the morning to late in the evening." Anders Tyrrestrup / Founding Partner, AART architects
The Warehouses ('Pakhusene' in Danish) are the first combined residential and commercial development built on Aarhus Ø, the new harbourfront of Aarhus. Inspired by the rapidly growing sharing economy, the Warehouses combine residential and commercial units in new and different ways, thus making them ‘the buildings that never sleep’.
The distinctive, diverse development will ooze life and activity, challenging the traditional nine-to-five mindset. It rethinks the relationship between businesses and residents, allowing them to share a wide variety of facilities, including fitness centres, meeting rooms, a canteen and a public roof terrace.
During the day, businesses can book shared rooms for meetings, and in the evening, residents can book the same rooms for social events. On weekends, the shared canteen can be converted into a restaurant for the enjoyment of the whole city. The focus is on creating architecture that opens up new opportunities for businesses, residents and the city within a broader perspective.