Headquarters for Borregaard

Borregaard owns and operates one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable biorefineries. Based on Borregaard’s innovation work in green carbon the headquarters frames the company’s brand by combining spaces for knowledge sharing with a range of eco-friendly features. The building is thus characterised by its openness which manifests itself in the accommodating arrivals square, the bright lobby and the pixelated facade. From the arrivals square you enter the atrium which opens the interior and creates a social focal point where the different floors and functions merge and interact. In this way, you experience Borregaard’s set of values and working community as soon as you enter the building.
In addition, a series of circular meeting rooms expose the meeting facilities and working community towards the atrium. Panelled in glass and wood, the meeting rooms rises up through the atrium and adds a tactile dimension to the interior. In addition, they express a particular identity by referring to wood and knowledge sharing as Borregaard’s natural resources. In order to promote Borregaard as a sustainable biorefinery, the architecture stems from a holistic design approach based on integrated energy design. This holistic design approach has led to a compact, north-south facing building volume which ensures an optimal interrelationship between minimal surface and maximal volume. Moreover, the atrium brings daylight deep into the building while the pixelated facade creates a varying inflow of light during the day.