We help businesses build tomorrow’s opportunities.

Growing your business – as a property developer or public institution – means improving the way people work, learn, and live. It means creating buildings and public spaces that provide new perspectives on how to boost collaboration, learning, or quality of life. Most importantly, it requires having a true partner on your side who can deliver strong architectural solutions for today’s challenges – and keeping you one step ahead of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Danish roots. Nordic reach.

AART architects is an award-winning architecture company with Danish roots and a Nordic reach. We place opportunity-making at the heart of our design process, delivering the know-how to drive growth and change across industries and societies – through architecture. We do this as a creative consulting practice with a dedicated team of more than 80 people working across offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo / Get in touch with us

Opportunity-making architecture.

For more than 15 years, we have helped businesses spot opportunities and create the perfect setting to bring them to life – ranging from VUC Syd in Denmark, where we created a beacon for social value creation with an open and digital learning environment, to the Waterfront in Norway, where we created an award-winning benchmark for urban transformation with one of the world’s largest residential developments in wood / Explore our work

Sustainable lifestyle pioneer.


We help businesses to be at the forefront of sustainable development. To achieve this, we are engaged in research collaborations, and we participate in the international sustainable thinktank Sustainia. There, we are one of the main partners and lifestyle pioneers in Sustainia Living – a global initiative with the objective of transforming the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into tomorrow’s business opportunities / Gain insight into Sustainia Living


Award-winning collaborations.

Together with our business partners, we have designed buildings and public spaces that have been honoured world-wide, covered in trend-setting media, and exhibited in venues such as the European Parliament in Brussels, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and the International Architecture Biennale in Venice. We appreciate this recognition and media coverage – not least because it helps brand our business partners and put their vision onto the political agenda / Explore our award-winning collaborations

AART magazines.

Dive into our magazines and gain a deeper insight into our working method and the wide array of our projects across the Nordic countries / Read our magazines