CuraVita cuts the first sod for new hospital

On September 25 CuraVita cut the first sod for the New Hospital in West in Denmark which not only provides a healthy framework for patients and personnel but also for the macroeconomics.

As part of the consortium CuraVita, we have cut the first sod for the 129,700 m2 hospital titled the New Hospital in West near Herning in Denmark. With a budget of more than € 500 m, the hospital is one of the largest development projects within the healthcare sector in Denmark and will thus set the standard for the healthcare architecture of tomorrow.
Throughout the project process we have focused on providing a healthy framework for not only the patients and personnel but also for the macroeconomics. By rethinking the hospital’s workflow and physical framework, we have cleared the way for therapeutic and operational efficiency in the absolute elite.
The total running costs for a hospital is so high that just a few years of operation corresponds to the total construction costs. In this way, just a few percent savings in the annual running costs through efficient logistics will save society millions of euros.
By streamlining the hospital’s infrastructure, we have created a hospital where the patient is at the centre, and the proximity between divisions and professional specialties ensures a quick and accurate diagnosis. Because the less time doctors and nurses spend on walking from one division to another, the more time they have for the patients, improving the patient care and patient experience.
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