Ambitious outdoor centre in Herlufmagle

01.09.2014 / We have designed for the KFUM-Scouts of Herlufmagle, Denmark, a cliff. At least by name, as the new outdoor centre has been named Nunatakken, which means cliff in Greenlandic. The name is inspired by the glacial period’s shaping of the landscape, and the 1,617 m2 outdoor centre has been designed as a landmark for nature and outdoor activities in Herlufmagle. The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities has just agreed to support the project with six million Danish kroner, as a result of which the funding is almost complete.
“The project is an extremely ambitious example of how a scout association and a municipality together with a number of other associations and self-organised users are able to think their needs together. Nunatakken is architecturally and functionally a unique outdoor construction, which will inspire the design of future outdoor construction projects across the country”, says Torben Frølich, CEO of the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, in a press release.
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