AART designs headquarters in Norway

We have won the project competition for the new headquarters for Borregaard, which owns and operates the world's most advanced biorefinery.

We have won the project competition for Borregaard’s new headquarters in Sarpsborg in Norway. Borregaard operates the world’s most advanced biorefinery and the headquarters frames the company’s innovation work within green carbon by combining eco-friendly solutions into a vibrant architectural whole.  
The architecture radiates openness which manifests itself in the accommodating arrivals square, the bright atrium and the crystalline façade. In addition, a series of circular meeting rooms rises up through the atrium like sculptural tree trunks, expressing a particular identity by referring to wood as Borregaard’s natural and sustainable raw material.
Roots in the local community was a prerequisite for participating in the project competition. By being selected as the winning team our office in Fredrikstad has proven to have gained a deep local knowledge and strong foothold in the Norwegian market.