AART architects wins Swedish hospital competition

AART architects, together with Sweco, have won the architectural competition for the 30,000 m2 remodelling and expansion of Kungälv Hospital north of Gothenburg.
The competition win means designing new and rebuilding existing care facilities at the hospital, which will among other things result in a total of around 220 beds and a new main entrance. The jury’s choice of our proposal as the winning bid highlighted aspects such as the elegant interplay with the existing hospital, which they feel effectively preserves and enhances the building’s character.
Over the past year we have focused on developing highly specialized healthcare knowledge. This goal-oriented approach is now coming to fruition as we thanks to our winning proposal for Kungälv Hospital are engaged in major hospital construction projects in both Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
This means, that we currently contribute to hospital construction projects throughout Scandinavia. Besides Kungälv Hospital, we contribute to the development of the 82,400 m2 Østfold Hospital in Norway, the 22,000 m2 expansion of Viborg Hospital in Denmark and as part of the consortium CuraVita to the 134,000 m2 DNV Gødstrup in Denmark.
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