AART architects wins acute care centre

Central Denmark Region has announced AART architects, Sweco Architects, Midtconsult and WSP as winner of the compition of a 22,000 m2 acute care centre.

On September 26 Central Denmark Region announced AART architects, Sweco Architects, Midtconsult and WSP as the winner of the project competition of the new emergency center in Viborg in Denmark. The acute care centre has a budget of more than € 70 m and is built around a common emergency department, where all acute patients arrive.
Throughout the competition we have focused on creating a holistic hospital building, where functional and sensory solutions are mutually reinforcing. The goal has thus been to create an efficient and flexible hospital with a human presence and strong, architectural statement.
The acute care centre is connected to the existing Regionshospitalet Viborg and interacts with the urban structures and landscape towards Søndersø. The close interaction with its surroundings is reflected in the many terraces and roof gardens and in the new lobby, which offers captivating views of the lake and creates an entirely new arrival experience to the hospital.
In order to create an efficient flow, the acute care centre is divided into a public trail that contains each department waiting areas, and a screened department track that frames the departments on each floor. In this way, transport of lying patients is screened from the public zone, which not only provides an effective framework for the staff, but also a safe environment for the patients.