AART appoints new office manager and market manager

116.04.2018 / As part of our strong growth in the Nordic countries, Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning has been appointed as our new office manager in Copenhagen and market manager for the Copenhagen and Swedish markets. She has a strong professional background in management, administration and acquisition and will add strong competencies to our team at Islands Brygge, where she will manage our future operations and strategic market development in the capital region and across Oresund.
Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning will lead the department in dialogue with Rasmus Højkjær Larsen and Nanna Flintholm, who as associate partners are focused on the development of our projects and general professionalism across departments, respectively. Together, they will form a skilled trio for our future presence in Copenhagen, where Rasmus Højkjær Larsen, in close collaboration with Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning, will have a supporting role in our strategic market development and client relations.