For us, architecture is all about creating opportunities.

We strive to design buildings that empower people and enrich places and communities. Because, we strongly believe that architecture is more than just expressive shapes and façades. It is an opportunity to explore, challenge and develop the environment we all share, so it can provide us with the opportunity to live healthier, smarter and more connected lives. That’s what we mean when we say: Architecture is all about creating opportunities.

Danish roots. Nordic reach.

AART architects is an award-winning architectural firm with Danish roots and Nordic reach. From our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo we provide highly specialised advice on architecture of every conceivable scale, from buildings and public spaces to entire master plans, always based on close dialogue with developers, users and business associates.
We work on projects throughout the Nordic region and believe in the importance of being present locally. This enables us to provide timely advice and to get an in-depth sense of a site’s potential. That is why, we often have on-site project offices to create the best conditions for close dialogue throughout the entire construction process. Because, we believe that each and every project is a matter of trust.


Lifestyle pioneer in a green, global movement

We strive to empower people and make a difference in the society, of which we are part. That is why we are proud to be a member of the international sustainability think tank, Sustainia. We are one of the leading partners and lifestyle pioneers in Sustainia Living: a global movement whose mission is to turn Denmark into a global lab, exploring how sustainability can reinvent what competitiveness is all about.
Together with our internal research department AART +, our association with Sustainia provides us with a unique opportunity to offer inspirational, innovative advice. It enables us to listen to developers and users and to tackle the task in hand so we create added value: socially, financially and environmentally. This is a holistic approach to architecture, and we our proud to apply it to our projects across scale and typology.

A competent and communicative organisation

AART architects A/S was established in 2000 by the architects Anders Tyrrestrup (on the left), Anders Strange (in the middle) and Torben Skovbjerg Larsen (on the right), who are still the company’s partners and chief executives. They have made AART architects into one of the leading architectural practices in Denmark. The practice has been named a Gazelle Company on five occasions and employs a workforce of 80 in its branches throughout the Nordic region.
Over the years, four associate partners and two associates have joined the team. In their day-to-day and strategic work, the partner team is supported by a series of key individuals who are responsible for operation, finances, communications, business development and concept development. Together they are a guarantee for an efficient, competent and communicative organisation that benefits clients, business associates and staff.

Projects with award-winning perspectives

Build Award 2017, Energy World Globe Award 2016, WAN Sport in Architecture Award 2016, Plan Award 2016, Best on Archilovers 2015, Architizer Award 2015, MIPIM Award 2015, German Design Award 2014, WAN Residential Award 2014, Iconic Award 2013, etc.
Over the years, we have received a large number of honorary awards and nominations. We have created projects, whose visions have aroused interest way beyond the Nordic countries: covered in media all over the world and exhibited in distinguished venues such as the European Parliament in Brussels, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the International Architecture Biennale in Venice.


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