We strive to inspire and challenge our team members.

AART architects is home to a versatile team of passionate people who love to challenge their creativity and create cutting-edge concepts, ranging from product design and single-family houses through urban spaces to cultural landmarks and major hospital projects.
Knowledge is the heart of our development work. That is why we invest a lot on training, but also why we train our team members to share knowledge. Because knowledge must be shared to create an inspiring work environment infused with team spirit and creative synergy.
In our desire to place knowledge sharing at the heart of our practice, we have established our architetcure research lab AART+ with a view to inspiring and training our team members. Not only are they the engine of our continuing success, but they also grow in the process.
Do you dream of gaining international experience? And are you driven by taking new directions and leaving your mark along the way? Right now, we are offering you the chance of an overseas job in Norway or Sweden that promises a wealth of experiences and the opportunity for professional and personal development.

Job in Norway

In our Oslo office we are looking for experienced, committed architects to design some of the biggest healthcare sector buildings in Scandinavia. As an architect, you would be working within various branches of architecture, concentrating on designing solid solutions and concepts in close association with talented, dedicated colleagues.
As an architect on some of the biggest healthcare sector buildings in Scandinavia, not only would you have a chance to shape the architecture of tomorrow, you would also be breathing life and form into Norway's core welfare system for many years to come. In other words, you would have the opportunity to build better lives and make your mark with enormous significance for people and society in a broader perspective.
So we are offering an exciting working life, where you would expand your professional horizons and gain international experience, creating buildings that are not only distinctive, but also meaningful. The position would also represent a springboard for building up a broad Scandinavian network of colleagues and business partners, while giving you a chance to experience Norway's nature and culture at close quarters.
About you
As an architect, we expect you to:
• be a dedicated team player.
• be ambitious in terms of developing complete solutions.
• work with determination and structure.
• be passionate about designing the architecture of tomorrow.
• have 3-7 years of drafting experience.
• have 2-5 years of experience in the concept development of major healthcare sector buildings.
• have experience in programme analysis and functional planning.
• have experience in 3D rendering with proficiency in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino and Revit.
Starting date
As soon as possible.
If you have questions regarding the job, please feel free to contact associated partner Thomas Pedersen on telephone +47 40 47 59 00 or email
The application, including relevant materials, must be in our hands no later than July 28. You must send the application to

Job in Sweden

For our project offices in Gothenburg and Örebro, we are looking for experienced architects and constructing architects. In Gothenburg, we are looking for an architect or constructing architect to the planning of the extension of Kungälv Hospital, while we in Örebro are looking for two architects or constructing architects to the planning of the extension of Örebro University Hospital.
As an architect or constructing architect you will gain good experience in the design of complex building projects and influence the development of two of Sweden's most specialized hospitals. Both hospitals are being planned in close cooperation with Sweco. In addition to the two hospitals, you will also have the opportunity to influence the development of our operations in Sweden.
Over the past years, we have had great success in Scandinavia with several winning projects – not least in Sweden. We are dedicated to building projects in the educational, residential, cultural and commercial sector, and to strengthen our cooperation with Swedish clients and business partners, we are establishing a Swedish department that you can help to develop and take root.
In brief, we offer an exciting job with good prospects and a varied working life, where you will work together with talented and dedicated colleagues. We expect that you are a dedicated team player who masters 3D planning and is passionate about developing tomorrow’s architecture. We also expect that you are ambitious in terms of developing solutions in a multidisciplinary working community.
About you
As an architect or constructing architect, we expect that you have:
• a minimum of five years experience with planning.
• experience in user and client dialogue.
• experience in the planning of hospital buildings.
• experience in program analysis and operational planning.
• experience in BIM and 3D planning.

As soon as possible.
Gothenburg or Örebro.
If you have questions regarding the job as architect or constructing architect, please feel free to contact partner Anders Tyrrestrup on telephone +45 25 32 32 78 or email
The application, including relevant materials, must be in our hands no later than August 14. You must send the application to


Are you passionate about architecture? And would you like to be part of a dynamic architectural practice with projects throughout Scandinavia? If so, apply to us, as we’re looking for interns for the fall semester to work at our Copenhagen office.
As an intern, you’ll be part of a dedicated team of architects and constructing architects, working on projects both in Denmark and abroad. You’ll build experience in several aspects of the architectural profession – ranging from idea development over sketching to presentations – and all spiced with life in a dynamic architectural practice with strong Scandinavian roots.
We expect that you are in education, and it will be an advantage if you have knowledge of AutoCAD, Rhino, SketchUp and Adobe products.
Send your internship application and portfolio to