We strive to inspire and challenge our team members.

AART architects is home to a versatile team of passionate people who love to challenge their creativity and create cutting-edge concepts, ranging from product design and single-family houses through urban spaces to cultural landmarks and major hospital projects.
Knowledge is the heart of our development work. That is why we invest a lot on training, but also why we train our team members to share knowledge. Because knowledge must be shared to create an inspiring work environment infused with team spirit and creative synergy.
In our desire to place knowledge sharing at the heart of our practice, we have established our architetcure research lab AART+ with a view to inspiring and training our team members. Not only are they the engine of our continuing success, but they also grow in the process.
If our passion for breaking with the ordinary has captured your attention, check out our open positions. If we haven’t got any positions open right now, you are always welcome to drop us a few lines about yourself. Send your job application to